Eat, Drink and Shrink Review – My genuine Opinion

Hey there, Lisa Joshua here.

Thanks for stoping by and checking my blog, I can assure you that you’ve come to the right place if you are looking for a comprehensive review of Eat, Drink and Shrink plan book, which is written by none other than the Top 10 World Bikini Championship, Fitness model for US & Women’s Health Magazine, Fitness & Nutrition expert for NBC affiliate studio 5 Danette May. The author has accomplished a remarkable number of things. She have also studied pre-med and nutrition. Moreover, she have also trained over 1,000 individuals.

Primarily, I just want to clarify I will be providing you an unrestricted unbiased and honest review of Danette May’s eat right guide. What you are about to read are the ESSENTIAL details you need to know before grabbing your copy.

This is a review site: Click here to visit Danette May’s Eat Drink and Shrink Official Website.

   So what exactly is Danette May’s Eat, Drink and Shrink plan?

‘Eat Drink and Shrink’ is a comprehensive plan to clean eating by non other than Danette May certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and Fitness Model.

Eat Drink and Shrink gives you several useful advice that would cost you more that what you have to pay to buy this guide.

Fitness model Danette May has shared her secrets on how she stay fit and sexy with just 5 ingredients or less. This guide comes along with over 120 recipes. On top of that, it has 60 days 100% money-back “No question Asked Guarantee.”

I’ve read and seen many weight loss books and weight loss programs over the last few months and don’t get me wrong, I read some super materials. However, this was one of the first plans which gave an EXACT and detailed information on all the things that you need to know to lose your weight.

Click here to visit Danette May’s Eat Drink and Shrink Official Website.

Cons about Danette May’s Eat, Drink and Shrink plan?

Just like every products and books, nothing is perfect and here are my genuine flaws I noticed after reading Danette May’s plan:

  • Some of the text are a little pro found that you will need to read at least twice to understand what the author is trying to say especially the excuses chapter but, she have summarized the important informations at the end of the page to your guide.
  • To lose weight, many of us give many reasons and some of them are covered in this guide. The solutions to accept the reality and stop giving excuses might seem a little difficult or unfair to some readers. However Danette May encourage you to remove the risk that causes your unconscious mind to stop you from feeling discomfort and unsafe.

So, how about the PROS about Danette May Eat, Drink and Shrink plan?

- The author has not skim on giving her healthy recipes for weight loss that she use personally. There are over 120+ fat burning recipes which are unbelievably amazing. Recently I bought chia seeds from Iherb and was wondering how to make use of them. Luckily I saw a recipe from Eat Drink and Shrink plan on how to make Chia pudding so I tried making them and it tasted great. Chia Seed is a super food which is rich in Omega 3 fatty acid.

  • It is always difficult to find a guide which provides a shopping list. This guide has provided a shopping list together with the foods to avoid. It is always good to know what food to avoid.
  • Danette May have also suggested a list of free Foods. Meaning to say, you are able to eat them as often as you want.
  • The Author has provided a summary in the last page which helps you to understand the guide better.
  • Upon buying Eat Drink and Srhink plan, Danette May have provided a generous amount of Bonus guides for free ( Meal plan guide, Simple Success Tracker, The type of fish oil to NEVER take, 23 Belly Blasting Foods and Back Pain)
  • The advice provided by Danette May applies to all ages or sex from teenage to 80 year old. It is probably the most versatile weight loss book I have ever read.

Overall, What do I think?

Eat Drink and Shrink, in my eyes is the best non fluff guide on exactly how to lose weight healthily. Danette May, the author has a remarkable amount of experience in health and nutrition. She has trained over 1,000 clients. This guide has one of the most best way to lose weight. This guide is packed with tips on how to eat right and stay healthy. In fact I’ve learnt a few ways to eat healthy and keep fit (and that’s reading 15-20+ health and fitness guides in the past few months alone!). If you currently want to lose weight or wondering how to lose weight and do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on weight loss pills and products, I definitely feel you should pick Danette May’s guide and indulge yourself with the many fat burning recipes and tips on how to eat right with just 5 ingredients. You won’t regret it!

I hope my site has helped you,

Lisa Joshua

Click here to visit Danette May’s Eat Drink and Shrink Official Website.

5 Useful Healthy Weight Loss tips inspired by Danette May

Looking at your best is everyone’s dream. I mean, if you look at your best, you gain confidence and have high energy to perform your tasks. Not only does weight gain have an impact on your self esteem but your health too. According to Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 600,000 Americans are diagnosed with heart disease and weight issues every year. The huge problem many people are facing is to lose weight and some need the extra kick start to lose weight.

Don’t worry, I am here to provide you everything that you need to know to shed your weight to look like a star. I hope these 5 weight loss tips inspired by eat drink and shrink author Danette May  will help you greatly. There are more than 5 tips in the Eat Drink and Shrink plan.

  • Protein, protein, protein!

If you ask me, the best way to lose weight is to eat as much protein as possible. Protein is an essential source of nutrients for our body and protein helps in building muscles. An increase in muscle mass, decreases your fat storage. You will also enjoy an increase in your metabolism thus, protein is very important to be included in your meal.

Moreover, eating protein keeps your blood sugar balanced and takes longer time to digest and this keeps you feeling full longer.  

  • Eating good Carbs

I realize, many people misinterpret having carbs in their diet. Carbohydrates are also important but one should know the choices of good carbs. Carbohydrate with high fiber helps your body to have a less inflammatory response on the organs. Simple carbs such as white bread, pasta, etc are simple sugar and they posses a harmful effect on our organ when our system is trying to digest them and this causes inflammation. Thus, eating good carbs are essential. Good carbs such as whole meal bread, simple buckwheat, quinoa, bulgur wheat, brown rice, etc.

  • Including Good Fats in your diet

Before I shock you, good fats are essential for good skin and weight. Many people tend to look at fats to be a bad nutrient and skimp away from it. Bad fats are most definitely bad for our body and we should try to limit them. Good fats such as avocado, almond, olive oil, grape seed oil should be taken moderately into our diet. These fats have high HDL which aids in losing weight especially your belly.

  • Eating Organic Vs non organic

As my mum would say, the preservatives and additives from the non organic food are meant to be used for cleaning your cars and floors and not meant to be eaten and I truly believe that. If you are looking to lose weight, you should try as much possible to eat organic. An organic food have 2-3 times more nutrients compared to a non organic food. A non organic food contains fats and BPA which puts an extra pressure on your liver.

I normally try to look for organic food at the organic section in the supermarket or look at the ingredients list. If you do not know how to pronounce half of what is written on the ingredients list, than do not buy it. My favorite brand for organic deli and meat products is Apple gate, you can google it.

  • Eat Every 2-3 Hours a day

People who are suffering from weight gain normally ruin their metabolism by dieting or starving. This way your metabolism is barely at its functionality.

Eating 2-3 Hours a day may seem to be many meals but, you will be eating 3 main meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) and 2 snacks. This way, your metabolism will be at its peak and your body will be able to metabolize for energy. This is necessary if you are looking to have a healthy weight loss.


7 Sabotage Excuses that comprises your efforts to lose weight.

So you’ve been thinking of dieting for a while now but, you are afraid to be around in the gym. Due to the insecurity of your appearance, you are sabotaging your effort to lose your weight. Some may even give excuses to not have time to even workout or prepare a healthy meal.

Well, if you fall into any of the above, then you are sabotaging yourselves from losing weight. Danette May reveals the 7 excuses that sabotage your healthy weight loss but not to worry we are here to help you to get back in shape.

1. Afraid of the spotlight

I can use one of my personal example for being afraid of the spotlight. In the beginning of my high school, I was overweight and my physical education teacher would encourage me to participate in some activities. Well, his intentions were genuine to help me lose healthy weight but, I would shy away because of lack in self confidence. I would fear what my friends would say about my physical level and appearance.   

2. Huge responsibility

Weddings or even birthday parties can put a high pressure on you. You would tend to put high pressure on yourselves to lose weight and look at your best. At this point of time you would be having a huge responsibility and that can cause a great pressure to stay on the top.

3. Time away from family

Often times people have a value in conflict, due to not having enough time to spend with their family. Trying to keep up with your healthy eating habits to lose weight and avoiding your family reunion dinners can be a little frustrating. To be honest not many have a high will power.

4. Chances of failing

Many of us often times fear of failing wether it is dieting or work but, if you never try, you will never succeed. Our unconscious mind will normally do its best to keep you right where you are comfortable.

5. Fear to lose something you enjoy

Have you seen people who ask you how to lose weight or what to eat to lose weight but never did what you advice them to? Well, I have seen many of them. In fact I was one of them before I feared of losing the most enjoyable foods that I eat everyday. For instance I drink coffee every morning and when I figured that I would have to give that up to sustain a healthy weight, I was not that found of committing to the diet.

6. Fear of connection

Everyone have problems in this world.This is a scenario where many people would have been a victim. Using food as refuge from all their pain and negative thoughts. At this stage, it is difficult to get yourself to believe that food is not your refuge.

7. Fear of Judgment

It is normal for people who want to lose weight to fear judgment that would come to you. Even though it is logical to ignore the judgment if you know it does not match your own self-judgment but in practical world, we would unconsciously avoid being judged.  

How not to sabotage yourselves from losing weight?

Our unconscious mind usually sabotage our weight loss by giving excuses and it is so because our unconscious mind would want you to be safe and comfortable. You sabotage yourselves from losing weight due to many reasons but whatever the reasons are, you can achieve success if you remove the risk and as soon as you do that, you will be able to get an instant permission to success.

A useful article about Eating Right inspired by Danette May

My aim was to create a Danette May’s Eat Drink and Shrink Review and after reading the actual plan through I found some useful weight loss tips. Losing weight and having the lean sexy body is a dream for many of us. Having such a “dream,” we tend to fast, diet, skip meals, skimp on the portion size, buy low fat or low sugar products and the list is endless. Many of us do not realize the food that you put into your mouth. We take it as low fat or low sugar to be healthy but the TRUTH is, you are WRONG. That’s why you are not able to sustain the weight that you lose from a fad weight loss diet plan or products. Now, to give you that extra push in your life, I am about to share with you the most crucial aspects to sustaining your weight and having the dream figure, today!

The reason many weight loss attempts of yours fail is because of the food that you eat. Eating right should be part of your lifestyle and not a diet. Most of us are custom to the word “dieting” and choose not to believe changes in your eating habits should be a lifestyle change.

Low fat or low sugar products are chemically modified to reduce the fat or sugar level which causes your liver to work extra hard and this causes your body to panic and store more fats. At the same time eating food with refined sugar or simple sugar is simply putting your body into a fat storage mode. Try substituting with naturally occurring sugar such as agave nectar, maple syrup, honey or sweetness from fruits. Including foods which are organic and not processed is also a smart choice. Eating highly processed food is most definitely going to not only cause harm to your body but also slow you from losing weight.

After all, we are not born with an instruction manual on what to eat to lose weight. By educating yourselves what to eat to lose weight is the best way to lose weight. So if you want to STOP yourselves from gaining back your weight you lost then, you are going to need to avoid the most common mistakes that everyone makes when trying to lose weight. You are going to eat right and find out what not to eat and to eat to lose weight.